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We'll help you find your place

Want to know more about where you can serve? Check out our map. Discover more about each of our fields and the ministries taking place in each location. Highly sensitive countries not listed for security purposes. 

Where We Serve

Find Your Place

Below are some strategic opportunities that are currently available for people interested in serving with TMS Global. This list is not exhaustive. Please contact our mobilization team to find out more. 

Special education teacher – Ecuador

Serve as a special education teacher to empower children of the Ecuadorian jungle through education, values, and leadership. This is a 2.5-year commitment.  

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Community development – Tanzania

Join a couple in a remote village to provide newborn orphans and their caregivers with reliable and compassionate care, discipleship, and training for the crucial first three years of life.

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How could you serve?

If you are a person who is constantly and consistently maturing in your faith, actively interested in cultures and people both locally and globally, and has a passion for a lifelong learning and development, search our Strategic Opportunities and let us help you find your place.

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  • When Joyce felt God’s call to serve as a cross-cultural worker, she was overwhelmed with fear for her two sons. After 25 years of cross-cultural ministry, Joyce shares, “God proved to me that He never left the place I left behind. He was with my sons when I wasn’t there. He clearly showed me that He could and would care for my family if I was obedient to go and do what He asked of me. It was not easy as He allowed many struggles in my sons’ lives that I wished I was home to ‘fix.' But they have grown into godly men who love the Lord and have wonderful families.” 

  • “I continue to be amazed that as we follow the Lord and give ourselves to Him, even with our faults and inadequacies, He can and will use us for His purposes and glory in kingdom service. He takes our little and multiplies it for His glory.” – Len and Betsy 

  • “There are always excuses we can make about why we shouldn’t do something. But as I have said yes, God has blessed me.” – Aaron

  • Melissa and John were called to mission after going on short-term trips and having a deep desire to be able to share the love of Christ. John said, “God impressed on my heart, ‘You go back, learn their language, and you tell them that I love them.’” So, they did.

  • “I think being faithful in the small steps He puts before you and then getting out of the way is what is really important in ministry.” – Frank 

  • “During the first year on the field, I asked myself, ‘Why am I here?’ God said, ‘I called you, and that’s all you need to know.’ That kept me going.” – Margaret

  • “A fire began to burn inside of me after my first short-term mission trip. I knew deep in my heart that the Lord was calling me to serve Him.” – Axel 

  • “The longer I lived here [in Ghana], the greater my desire grew to just walk around, greet people, enter their homes, sit on their verandas, play ball with kids, and be known as someone who wants to live with them.” – Sue

  • “God changed my thinking from ‘I can do this,’ to, ‘I can do this, but only because of the power of the Holy Spirit.’ At times, I am still far outside my comfort zone, but when I am afraid, I remember that God is always with me.” – Sharon 

  • “If you are at all interested in cross-cultural ministry, sit down with someone and explore that call. If you wait until everything is ‘right,’ you’ll never go. Just take the first step and discern if this is something God has for you.” – Richard 

  • “I think my parents' ministry and our life together in Kenya played a big part in my desire to serve God in Africa. Growing up in such an environment gave me a bigger view of the world and of what God is doing in other locations. He gave me a desire to know and experience other cultures and explore the rest of this beautiful world.” – Mark