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Free Cross-cultural Training: TMS Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals of our missiology!

The Crash Course Series brings together TMS Global's core missiological teachings in 8 instructional videos for free! Each video is a snapshot of a much deeper topic. Our program is run and continually updated by cross-cultural workers with decades of on-the-ground experience and academic research. TMS Global's training program for cross-cultural workers builds on these foundations and dives in to the theory and practice of what it means to serve God's mission cross-culturally. 

Why do we train?

We train to better communicate the love of Jesus in other cultures. TMS Global trains each of our cross-cultural workers to learn from those in their new community, embrace many of their customs, and to look for the ways Jesus is already at work in the culture.

We train our workers to honor and empower the people they serve; to come alongside new believers, and then to equip them to announce Jesus and make disciples among their own people.


Missiology simply means the study of missions and their methods and purposes. TMS Global's unique approach to cross-cultural work is built on our missiology.

Lesson 1: Worldview

What is "worldview" and why is it significance in cross-cultural work? Jim Ramsay, resident missiologist, gives us this crash course!

Lesson 2: The Kingdom of God

What would it look like to be kingdom-minded instead of church-minded?  Frank Decker, TMS Global's retired VP for Training and Formation, gives a crash course on Kingdom theology.

Lesson 3: Kingdom Circles

Frank Decker teaches on a powerful illustration called "Kingdom Circles." A crash course on viewing faith through the lens of the kingdom.

Lesson 4: Cross-Cultural Communication

Interpersonal communication is so much more than the words we say. Laurie Drum, TMS Global's Director for Training & Formation, gives a crash course on what this means when we cross cultures.

Lesson 5: Conflict

Conflict, and how to manage it, is a crucial topic for successful teams. Jim Ramsay gives a crash course on how intentionally taking stock of how we've arrived at our perceptions could be the key!

Lesson 6: Temple Analogy

You've heard your body is a temple, but what if this analogy also has implications for both our relationship with God and our relationships with others? Frank Decker gives a different take on this metaphor and looks at how Jesus managed interpersonal relations in His own life.

Lesson 7: Form & Meaning

What's the correct form to take communion? Or baptize someone? At TMS Global we coach our workers that the form of something can be flexible as long as the meaning stays intact. The reality is form matters to us all; form is the thing that causes the most division. Our Director of Training and Formation, Laurie Drum, introduces us to this phenomenon in this Crash Course video.

Lesson 8: Going as a Learner

How do we embrace our value of being a humble learner when serving cross culturally? Sonji Pass, Regional Director of Church Culture, shares the how and why we go as a learner.