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TMS Global’s Activate Training is the first step your church takes in discovering and living out a unique missional vision and calling from God. The five-hour event is facilitated by one of our TMS Global trainers and includes a variety of learning exercises for anyone in your church. It is important for key church leaders, stakeholders in the congregation, and anyone who is passionate about mission to attend.  

This event includes four modules:
  1. The mission of God (Including key biblical and theological insights about mission.)
  2. Surprising insights about mission
  3. On mission with God
  4. A six-part mobilization plan
Activate Video

Watch this video to hear from Activate Training participants about their experience and how the teaching equipped their churches to be more fully engaged in mission.

Activate Brochure

Download this brochure to share with others in your church's leadership
about our Activate Training.

Activate brochure


Hear from the Rev. Cam Richards about how Activate Training has helped the church he serves engage in mission.

"I never could have imagined the change that would occur in our church in just one week! God, in His sovereignty, brought the TMS Global team into our congregation to lead us through a seminar on becoming a globally-focused church. The seed planted in that one weekend is still bearing kingdom fruit here all these years later. It will change your church & your life!"

- Rev. Jorge Acevedo, lead pastor, Grace Church, Cape Coral, Florida
Activate Training Schedule

West Central Ohio Circuit of the Allegheny West Conference - April 13, 2024 - Register

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