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The experience of a lifetime


“In the midst of all the differences and challenges, I saw God working in the culture,” said Mateja, a member of the GreenLight team. “He was using many different people in such a variety of ways. I think this trip really showed me God's heart for all people and His desire for us to use the gifts He has given to go and make disciples.”

Short-term mission trips have proven to be pivotal in the lives of many people who go on to full-time cross-cultural ministry. Many of TMS Global’s cross-cultural workers point to a short-term trip that was a deciding factor in their choice to change careers.

TMS Global designed the GreenLight: Gateway program as an in-depth experience for young adults who are considering full-time cross-cultural ministry. The five-week program gives participants a thorough look at life overseas and how God is at work in other cultures.

This summer, seven young women participated in the GreenLight: Gateway experience in Thailand. The group was led by two TMS Global workers who previously served in Thailand, as well as a student from Asbury Theological Seminary. The team was able to experience a variety of ministries during their time in Asia.

In Bangkok, the group spent time at the Muang Thai Church, which is a partner of TMS Global. While in Bangkok, the team participated in a prayer walk in the red light district, volunteered in a daycare located in a slum, and visited an orphanage. The participants also visited Dton Nam, which is a ministry focused on ladyboys in the city. Dton Nam offers the young men who want to leave that lifestyle job training skills and disciples them in the Christian faith.

In Nong Phok, the team worked alongside cross-cultural workers who are teaching English in a coffee shop and at a local school, and leading small groups in a church. In Roi Et, TMS Global workers teach English and music at a welfare school, disciple Thai youth, and hold a youth group in their home.

“God opened my eyes to things I was holding in the way of Him and His call in my life—obedience, hope, and trust,” said Krystal. “There is still work to be done, but this trip has opened up a bigger chapter in my life!”

The GreenLight team gathered for training for several days before their departure. They participated as a group in daily devotions, nightly debriefings, and had time to journal each day. This experience was designed for students to not only participate in and observe ministries in Thailand, but for the individuals to have time to discern the ways Jesus is at work in their own lives.

"It’s hard to put into words all this experience has meant to me. It has really been life changing,” said Rylie. “The Lord broke my heart in Thailand, but He also gave me hope in Thailand. This experience has changed my perspective, and I’m excited to see what doors it opens."

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