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May Activate Post: Urgency


Prior to my work with TMS Global, I worked for a major telecommunications company in their training department. One night, an automobile belonging to a student was stolen from the parking deck of our largest learning center.

The following morning, our division manager met with the staff of the center to address the situation and ensure that the center had adequate security. It was determined that all entrances to the parking deck should be blocked after dark and one entrance should have a guard to check IDs of those entering and leaving. The facility manager indicated that he would begin securing bids for the new gates and the guard shack that would be required, as well identifying the security company to use. He further estimated everything would be completed in six weeks.

The division manager responded, "Six weeks? I'm talking about having something in place tonight!" Clearly, the facility manager understood the importance, but not the urgency, of the situation.

I often wonder if the church, when it comes to conveying the gospel, is much like the aforementioned facility manager. We grasp the importance of telling the story, but we lack a sense of urgency.

Below are three questions church leaders can use as an assessment or to set goals that may help your church in owning the urgency and advancing the message of Jesus.

  1. Is proclamation of the good news to those who have not heard the good news a priority for your local church?
  2. Because of your church, is proclamation of the good news occurring in your community, in parts of your nation, and outside your country's border?
  3. Is your church intentionally equipping and encouraging increasing numbers of your congregation to engage in the proclamation of the good news?

Here are some additional resources you can click on that may be helpful to your church in raising the level of urgency in proclaiming the good news:

Stan Self is a training consultant at TMS Global.