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Our church culture department was created to come alongside local congregations, equipping them to reach both their neighbors and the world for Jesus. We offer training programs, coaching for congregations, and resources to help your church engage in local, national, and international outreach.

The 3 Elements of Activate
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Listen to what others have to say about TMS Global’s Activate Conferences for churches.

The 3 Elements of Activate

3 Elements of Activate

Activate Training

Our Activate Conference is a five-hour, interactive event designed especially for your mission team and other key leaders. Attendees receive a clear vision and understanding of God’s call to mission, as well as training focused on developing a proven mission action plan for making disciples near and far that can be customized for your local church.

Activate Coaching

Our Activate coaching takes your church’s mission outreach to the next level. Using a comprehensive missional audit you help prepare, as well as the Mission Action Plan we introduce at the Activate Conference, we offer coaching to address identified gaps and challenges that moves your church forward in developing a contextually appropriate plan of action. Activate Coaching involves six areas of focus: prayer ministry, developing strategic plans and initiatives, short-term missions, forming kingdom partnerships, launching an annual mission-focused event we call a Global Impact Celebration, and utilizing the Faith Promise to fund your mission outreach efforts.

Activate Resourcing

We provide ongoing resourcing to our Activate network of churches, including a subscription to our monthly Activate Post, participation in our live MissioCasts, access to additional training seminars, and ongoing support from our experienced coaches.

Click on the image below to view a brochure describing Activate training, coaching, and resourcing.

Activate Training

  • "I never could have imagined the change that would occur in our church in just one week! It's been 13 years since God in His sovereignty brought the TMS Global team into our congregation to lead us through a seminar on becoming a globally-focused church. The seed planted in that one weekend is still bearing kingdom fruit in Grace Church these years later. It will change your church and your life!"

    - Rev. Jorge Acevedo, lead pastor, Cape Coral, Florida
  • “Our weekend together with TMS Global was by far the strongest and most clear presentation on missions for the local church I’ve ever been a part of.”

    - Rev. Dr. David Grout, senior pastor, Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • “In the first three years, almost one million dollars have been given to global missions! However, the greatest blessing is the infusion of enthusiasm, purpose, and true sense of brotherhood in our congregation.”

    - Dr. Randy Mickler, senior pastor, Marietta, Georgia
  • “I can’t explain what happens during an Activate Conference, but somewhere in the process God grabs your heart and you discover your purpose in the world.”

    - Jan Gilbert, missions leader, Aiken, South Carolina
  • “I can’t describe the thrill of my epiphany—bringing a biblical, strategic, coordinated approach to the evangelistic outreach of the local church, helping fulfill both the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.”

    - Rev. Steve Dodson, senior pastor, Peachtree City, Georgia
  • “The Global Impact Celebration was even better than anyone in our church could have anticipated. The entire experience was awesome and the results overwhelming. I guess you could say the ‘impact’ on our church was enormous.”

    - Dr. Jim Lowry, retired District Superintendent, Kennesaw, Georgia
  • “TMS Global has helped our church family step up in a huge way to becoming a more thoroughly mission-focused church through our partnership and GIC emphasis than ever before. Central Church is more intentional and more engaged because of our partnership with TMS Global and we are very grateful we took the leap of faith to dive in!”

    - Rev. David Parker, senior pastor, Richland, Washington
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