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Read articles by staff and watch MissioCast videos with church leaders to help your church be equipped for greater mission outreach.

Three ways a partnership with TMS Global adds value to your church, Part I
Partnering with TMS Global will enable your congregation to become significantly more involved in missions...
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October Activate Post: Reframing the question
Instead of, “Are you called to missions?” what if we reframed the question as, “How are you called to missions?”
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August Activate Post: Avoiding Mission Drift
There was a coastal strip that was known for particularly dangerous areas which were prone to shipwrecks. Along that same shore, there was a lighthouse...
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July Activate Post: Small yeses, big impact
I stared at my computer screen as I tried to process what I had just seen. At first my jaw dropped, and then a huge smile spread across my face.
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