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Three ways a partnership with TMS Global adds value to your church, Part I


We are praying for your church as you seek the Holy Spirit’s leading about engaging in a partnership with TMS Global.

As you continue in the decision-making process, I want you to consider the first of three ways that a partnership with TMS Global can add value to your church.

Partnering with TMS Global will enable your congregation to become significantly more involved in missions. For nearly 20 years, TMS Global has lived out our passion to mobilize churches for mission. Our staff studied under Dr. Larry Reesor and Dr. Bill Boerop. The Activate training that we have developed over the years is based on their teaching, as well as the teaching of many other mission leaders. We believe strongly in the power of the Holy Spirit working through the missional journey of Activate. The reality is that very few, if any, mission-sending agencies are coming alongside local churches to train, mobilize, and serve them to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission.

Activate will mark out a path into the future that you could never have cut or taken alone. Just ask the Rev. Jorge Acevedo, who leads Grace Church in Florida. Jorge, who also serves on the board of directors for TMS Global, readily admits that he reluctantly entered into a partnership with TMS Global. At the cajoling of one of his key leaders, Jorge invited TMS Global to visit his church and facilitate a special weekend of teaching and relationship building about their involvement in God’s mission. Up to that point, Jorge was mostly concerned about taking care of his church and local community. But that weekend experience broke his heart, and put him on a path of personal and church growth that changed his life and his church.

Grace Church has grown dramatically to include all of Acts 1:8 in its outreach. The church has planted several new campuses to reach the world for Jesus. Countless numbers of people have stepped up to serve God’s mission, either as volunteers or full-time vocational ministers and missionaries. The church continues to make significant financial investments in its mission outreach near and far using Faith Promise program.

This is just one significant way a partnership with TMS Global can add value to your ministry. I’ll share more in Part II of this teaching.

Dr. Duane E. Brown, Senior Director of Church Culture