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Church Culture FAQs
What is the role of church culture within TMS Global?

The church culture department is a branch of TMS Global that works to advance God’s kingdom. Church culture, formerly known as church ministry, works with churches across the United States to expand their outreach and ignite a passion for missional life and service among congregations.

What is the mission of church culture?

The power of the “and.” Acts 1:8 states, “But you will receive power when the Holy
Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and
Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Emphasis added.) The Church is called to be witnesses and to do so with our next door neighbor, the small village on the other side of the world, and everywhere in between. Church culture strives to help congregations understand that call and fully live into that mission.

How does church culture help churches expand their missional outreach?

As churches aspire to become more expansive and engaged in missions, the church culture team leads churches through a process called Activate. This consists of three elements: Activate Training, Coaching, and Resourcing. 

What is Activate Training?

Activate Training is the first step your church takes in discovering and living out its unique missional vision and calling from God. This half-day event is facilitated by one of our TMS Global trainers and includes a variety of learning exercises for anyone in your church. While we would like the entire congregation to take part, it is especially important to include key church leaders, stakeholders, and decision-makers, as well as anyone who is passionate about mission.

What happens after Activate Training?

Following Activate Training, we invite your church into a one- to three-year coaching partnership that involves discerning and implementing the six-part mobilization plan as presented at the Activate Training. This coaching involves monthly articles, resourcing, onsite visits, and leadership development that is customized for your congregation.

What are the benefits of Activate Coaching?

Our Activate Coaching takes your church’s mission outreach to the next level. The outcome of the coaching program is a  unique strategic mission plan for your church. Your mission vision is crafted; partnerships with other ministries are established; service opportunities are approved; and a mission-funding strategy is put into place. In addition, with step-by-step help by the TMS Global team, your church launches its own annual mission celebration. 

What resources does church culture provide churches?

Our partner churches receive ongoing support from coaches and resources such as a monthly Activate newsletter, access to webinars, and other training opportunities.

How much does the Activate Training cost?

Because we want churches to have access to this event, there is no charge for the training itself. TMS Global requests that the host be responsible for the cost of participant books at $5.00 per book for each participant.

Is this process only for churches looking to get started in missions?

No. Because this is customized training and coaching, we help churches who are currently engaged in mission. We help in areas such as: creating strategic vision, assessing and serving partners in a healthy way, increasing momentum and church engagement, increasing consistent funding, and communicating mission effectively within your congregation.

How can I arrange for church culture to lead an Activate Training at my church or find more information about Activate?

Contact the church culture department at or 678.542.9046.