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Wounded healers


Cyprus grew up in Ligitolo, South Sudan. He didn’t have the money for post-secondary education, so he pursued a career as a primary school teacher. Cyprus was also actively involved in his local church, and he assisted the pastor with various ministries.

When the violence and unrest in South Sudan reached a critical level, Cyprus chose to flee his homeland. He made his way to a refugee camp in Uganda where he has resided for more than two years.

Lynn and Sharon Fogleman are TMS Global workers who have served in medical ministry throughout their careers. Both family physicians, the Foglemans spent 24 years serving in Kenya and at the Red Bird Clinic in Kentucky.

In 2012, Lynn and Sharon moved to South Sudan where they provided a health education program through local churches, led Community Health Evangelism (CHE), and trained local health care workers. Lynn and Sharon knew Cyprus well from visits to Ligitolo.

A generous donor had given the Foglemans money to award medical scholarships to any South Sudanese men and women who possessed the potential and desire to work in the medical field. Cyprus dreamed of attending medical school and becoming a clinical officer, which is similar to the position of a physician’s assistant in the US.

When Cyprus and the Foglemans fled to Uganda in 2016, Lynn and Sharon began to care for South Sudanese refugees using medical facilities in the refugee camps. Cyprus built a simple shelter in the refugee camp and cared for family members and neighbors as he waited for peace in South Sudan. Cyprus thought his dream of further education would never become a reality.

The Foglemans and the education officer for The United Methodist Church of South Sudan arranged for Cyprus to apply to the Kajo-Keji Medical Institute in Arua, Uganda, and he was accepted. He was awarded a medical scholarship and granted permission to leave the refugee camp to attend school in January.

Lynn and Sharon have also awarded scholarships to five other students who are studying nursing, midwifery, and clinical officer training. Sharon said, “It is such a joy to share this gift from the donors with worthy young people who have suffered so much. They are thrilled to have this major step in education.”

Cyprus has a new hope for his future. After completing three years of training, he will be able to serve as a clinical officer. “Cyprus shines the light of Jesus in the midst of difficult circumstances,” said Sharon. “It is exciting to see how God uses his passion and skills to help others.”

Next steps:

  • Pray for the more than 68 million people around the world who are currently displaced.
  • Pray for the volunteers who are serving refugees and displaced people.
  • Pray for Cyprus as he attends medical school, and pray for the light of Christ to shine through him as he ministers to others.