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Why are we here?


Josh,* Lydia,* and their children moved to Southeast Asia six months before the COVID-19 pandemic caused lockdowns to be enforced around the world. Their family was unable to leave their home for weeks at a time; their children transitioned to virtual school, and everyone's language learning came to an abrupt halt. The family's stress and feeling of isolation increased as the months ticked by.

"During that time, God led us on a great inward journey that allowed us to look at our own motivations for coming to this country,” said Lydia. “It was a painful process of being stripped of everything we’d hidden behind during our previous years of ministry. Much was being burned up, and it was an act of faith on our part to trust God that something would remain."

After months of seeking God and praying for His direction for their lives and ministry, God began to reveal the next steps for Josh and Lydia. They felt led to start a small business, and they partnered with other cross-cultural workers serving in their town who also wanted to start a local business.

With more than a decade of experience running a small business in South Asia, Josh and Lydia knew that employing vulnerable people in their community could create the opportunity for lasting change—both spiritually and economically. They hired a manager, employed eight women, and rented a building near an impoverished community.

The business will make textiles to sell locally and internationally. The employees will be paid a living wage, and there is opportunity to share the love and message of Jesus with the staff as they work together each day. Prayer and a time of devotion will be part of the weekly routine.

"We realize now that we had to die to some things in order for signs of life to show again. This cycle of death and rebirth, loss and renewal, are the constant thread in the Christian walk,” said Lydia. “We are still in the journey and do not know what the future holds, but we have been reminded of God’s goodness and the value of holding on to the Truth in the dark times of life."

*Names changed