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This creative program enables Guatemalan kids to pursue their dreams


"I want to be a medical doctor. I want to help the sick!" said Josselin, an 11-year-old girl from Guatemala.

Josselin lives in a small home with her mother, step-father, and four siblings. The house has a dirt floor and the walls are wrapped in plastic. The home does not have electricity or running water. Each afternoon, Josselin has to finish her homework before nightfall because she cannot study in the dark. Despite her circumstances, Josselin has big dreams for her future.

Luke Rhyee, a TMS Global cross-cultural worker, is a physician and pastor. After participating in multiple short-term mission trips to Guatemala and witnessing the devastating poverty and lack of medical care residents faced, Luke made the decision to serve in Guatemala full time.

Luke founded Healing Guatemala, an organization that provides medical care, a feeding program, and shares the gospel with the people of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Healing Guatemala provides scholarships for children living in extreme poverty. Often these children are forced to quit school and work in order to help support their families. Through the scholarship program, more children are able to attend school.

Luke interviews potential scholarship recipients and visits their homes. “Last year, we supported 25 children with scholarships. This year, we are adding 41 more students in two other villages,” said Luke. “In addition to scholarships, we also provide classes on the Bible, English, and computers.”

Through the scholarship program, Josselin has been able to attend school. She excels in math and makes good grades.

“I asked Josselin to work at Healing Guatemala when she became a doctor,” said Luke. “In Josselin’s big smile, I could see the hope of our Lord. I am so thrilled to see how the Lord is going to achieve His big dreams through the future Dr. Josselin.”

*Josselin is pictured in the yellow and blue shirt.

Next steps:

  • Pray for Josselin and the other children living in extreme poverty.
  • Pray for Luke Rhyee and the ministry of Healing Guatemala.
  • Consider serving with TMS Global in Guatemala, or one of our other fields. Click the button below to learn more about options to serve cross culturally.