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The Christmas turkey


“I bought a turkey and cooked it for you for Christmas,” the woman told the missionaries. “I was on the way to your house Christmas morning when I met a friend on the way. She told me it was a sin to give anything to a Christian on Christmas. It was a sin even to wish you ‘Merry Christmas.’ She said God would punish me. I took the turkey home and ate it by myself.”

Thomas and Mallory Duncan* serve with The Mission Society in a primarily-Muslim area of China. Their daughter attends dance class with other young girls in the area each Wednesday. During the two-hour class, a parent is required to sit outside in the hallway and wait.

As the children attend dance, Mallory has become acquainted with some other women from town. One woman, Dai-tai*, is a Muslim and has become good friends with Mallory.

It was Dai-tai who cooked the turkey for the Duncans on Christmas. “When she told me what had happened, it opened up a spiritual discussion between us. We talked about what she thought of Christians, of Christmas, and of Christianity in general. None of what she told me is what I actually believe. It was a great opportunity to share the truth of Christ with her and to share my faith,” said Mallory.

“We left dance class that day better friends and with a better understanding of one another.

“I took Dai-tai a Bible in her language the next day and asked her to read about the birth of Jesus. We are going to study the Bible together. Please pray that her heart will be open to Jesus as she reads His Word.”

*Pseudonyms and stock photo used for security purposes.