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Showing hospitality during a pandemic


As COVID-19 spread across the globe, it caused lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders in many areas. How do you show the love of Jesus, create authentic community, and offer hospitality during a pandemic?

John,* Maggie,* and their children serve in Southeast Asia with TMS Global. They are learning the local language and culture and making plans to start a business in the city where they live.

As COVID-19 cases and lockdown orders increased in the country where they serve, John and Maggie wondered what their ministry would look like amid a pandemic. How could they continue to build meaningful relationships and share the gospel with their friends while social distancing?

John and Maggie became friends with Adit* during their first year in Southeast Asia. Adit started a laundromat business in his apartment several years ago to pay his way through university. He earned a degree and continued running the laundromat business.

When COVID-19 hit the city where Adit lives, all the people who had confirmed cases were placed in a hospital next to his apartment complex. Within a few days, almost everyone in the neighborhood abandoned their houses for fear of catching the virus. Adit lost all his regular customers.

Adit made the decision to temporarily close his business. He asked John and Maggie if he could move in with them so he would not have to live next to the hospital.

“We weighed heavily the decision to allow someone into our house that had a chance of having already been exposed to the virus,” said John. “We knew opening our home to our friend meant potential harm for our own family.”

John and Maggie decided to allow Adit to live with them. “Adit was a great friend, but now he's family,” said John. “He has been the best gift to our kids and us during this quarantine. He is a friend to socialize with, an extra set of hands to help with housework, and someone with whom to practice our language skills.”

Adit is Muslim, and John and Maggie are praying that Adit will experience Isa (Jesus) while he lives with them. “We have continued many normal rhythms like weekly family worship, tea time with a hymn, and family breakfast and devotions,” said John. “Sometimes Adit joins, and other times he doesn’t. We are hopeful that God is continuing to reveal Himself to Adit during the time he lives at our house.”

Next steps:

  • Pray for all people impacted by COVID-19.
  • Pray for followers of Jesus to minister through the Spirit as they reach out to their neighbors with a message of love and hope.
  • Pray for Adit to experience the fullness of a relationship with Jesus while he lives with John and Maggie.

*Names changed for security