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Short-term mission team makes a long-term impact


Arthur and Mary Alice Ivey have served in Huancayo, Peru for 15 years. During that time, they have hosted scores of short-term mission teams.

The most recent team to serve with the Iveys traveled from Halltown Baptist Church in Halltown, Missouri. The team coordinated a medical outreach in the small town of Viñas, Peru. Throughout the week, the team saw more than 400 patients.

One young woman visited the clinic for medical treatment. She confided in one of the team nurses that she had no appetite and no purpose in life. She was despondent and depressed. The nurse talked with Maria* about Jesus and His ability to carry her burdens. A group of team members from the US gathered around Maria and prayed with her.

Pastor Beto, a Peruvian pastor, shared the gospel with Maria and she accepted Christ. He prayed with Maria for healing in her life, as several people had abused her. She prayed to forgive her parents and several friends who had mistreated her. By the end of the day, this formerly sad young woman was happy and talking with people at the clinic.

Throughout the week, the Iveys and the team from the US led 138 Peruvians to accept Christ as Lord. Then, in order that these new Jesus-followers could grow in faith and be discipled, Pastor Beto connected Maria and the others people who accepted Jesus to Christians in the area.

“Short-term mission teams can be very effective and very helpful, if properly accomplished,” said Arthur. If the short-term missionaries are culturally sensitive and minister with love to the people to whom they are sent, their efforts can do much to advance the gospel. The team’s ministry allows us to evangelize a large number of people, but in a personal manner. Short-term teams can open doors for our national workers in the community and with the local authorities. They can reduce the resistance to the work of extending the kingdom. All of these things help us in the on-going work of kingdom advancement.”

Discipleship groups coordinated by the Iveys will meet with the new believers and guide them in their faith journey. A Peruvian Christian couple is in the process of relocating to Viñas to serve as missionaries.

Please pray for these new believers—that they would stand strong in their new faith, grow in Christ, and reach their neighbors with the gospel.