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Sharing your faith with family


David* and Angela* live and minister in a part of China that has a high concentration of Buddhists. This couple teaches English and mentors young Christians in their faith.

Here, David tells the story of one of their students who shared the gospel with his Buddhist family. Read what happened next.

Our students returned to their hometowns for six weeks during the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival. Much like what happens during our Christmas holiday, families in China travel to spend time together and share good food.

One young man has been faithfully attending a Bible study Angela and I led. While he was home with his family, he texted me and asked, “My grandmother believes in Buddhism. Should I respect the faith of my grandmother or tell her about Jesus?”

I advised him to respect the belief of others, as Paul did when he traveled to Athens in Acts 17: 16-34. You can respect the beliefs of others while still proclaiming Jesus as Lord. I cautioned that, if his grandmother did reject the gospel, she was rejecting God and not him. I encouraged this young man to share with his grandmother why he loves Jesus.

Two days later I received another text from him. “Amazing grace! My whole family wants to accept Jesus. No one rejected.”

Pray for David and Angela as they continue to minister with Chinese students and disciple them in their faith. Pray for the students with whom they work—that they would know Jesus as Lord.

*Pseudonyms and stock photo used for security purposes.