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Sample Communications Policy for Churches


Communications Policy at UCUMC, Spring 2015

In an effort to provide uniformity, these guidelines are set forth for publicizing events related to the ministries of UCUMC. If there are any questions, please direct them to Anne Churchill, Director of Communications.

For any communication efforts, you must go through the staff member of your ministry area. The respective staff member will turn in the information to our Communications Director for production.

Here is a list of the directors of ministry areas:

  • Adult Ministries: Michele Travis – contact information
  • Congregational Care: Chad Cozad – contact information
  • Children’s Ministries: Natalie Whitley – contact information
  • Contemporary Worship: Lee Zeigler – contact information
  • Evangelism: Eli Suddarth – contact information
  • Hospitality: Kristen Hickling – contact information
  • Missions: Ray McKinnon – contact information
  • Traditional Worship: Matt Guild – contact information
  • Weekday School: Blair Luther – contact information
  • Youth Ministries: Megan Giles – contact information


  • Banners: 1 week to design and approximately 2 weeks for off-site printing
  • Booklets: 1 week to design and depending on quantity, 1-2 weeks for printing
  • Printing of existing document: 2-3 days
  • Design and print of all other documents: 2 weeks

Available space to publicize events:

  • Celebration Newsletter
  • Weekly News
  • E-News
  • Scrolling Announcements
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Information Walls/Bulletin Boards/Plastic Pockets
  • Video (information will go to Lee Zeigler)

For weekly publications, information must be given to the ministry leader in a timely manner to reach the desk of Anne Churchill by noon on Wednesday.

For the Celebration Newsletter, information must be given to the ministry leader in a timely manner to reach the desk of Anne Churchill a week and a half before publication. Each Celebration Newsletter will include the date of next publication.

Sizes of Documents:

  • Postcards- 4.25” x 5.5”
  • Flyers- 8.5” x 5.5”
  • Posters- 8.5” x 11”; 8.5” x 14”; 11” x 17”
  • Curbside Banners- 84” x 36” (paid for by ministry areas)

Curbside Banners:

  • UCUMC-sponsored events only.
  • Banner space may be requested for one (1) week with a request for one (1) additional week (prior to or following the 1st choice week). The second week will be honored if at all possible for a total of two (2) weeks.
  • Size: 84” x 36”
  • Include the following in the request to the head of your ministry area:
    • Name of group
    • Contact person, phone number, and/or e-mail address. Event that will be advertised. (Include banner wording if possible.)
    • Number of banner spaces requested. (1 or 2)
    • Date of 1st choice.
    • Date of additional 2nd choice.
    • Location choice(s) in order of preference: Harris Blvd. or corner of Sugar Creek Rd. and Brookstone
  • Day-of-Event signage: Event entrance banners and parking lot directional signs may be put up the day of the event. Remove immediately following event.

Flyers (for plastic holders):

  • CUMC-sponsored events - no professional related, for-profit or “for sale” advertisements
  • Fundraisers must have completed online form & been approved by Finance committee (
  • Size: 8.5” x 11”
  • Flyers schedule will be determined by the Communications Director.
  • Must be placed in clear plastic holders by entry doors to:
    • Fellowship Hall Bldg (2).
    • Nursery Entrance
    • Walkway Entrance to Disciple Center
    • Weekday School Entrance
    • Walkway Entrance to Worship Center
  • Not to be placed on any walls, restroom stalls, or doors with exception of staff offices (with permission of staff member). For permission to post anywhere else contact the Trustee Committee.
  • Remove after event or registration deadline
  • All materials are subject to review and removal

Information Centers:

  • Must be approved by ministry staff or Anne Churchill.
  • Information must fit into an open “pocket” and removed when outdated.
  • Located:
    • Worship Center Lobby
    • Worship Center lower level lobby entrance
    • Nursery Lobby in Fellowship Hall


  • Remember, particularly for posting in classrooms, staples, NOT tape, is to be used.