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Rural village in Ghana receives clean water


Mission Society missionary Mary Kay Jackson is a civil engineer who serves with Methodist Development Relief Services and Pure Home Water, two charitable organizations that focus on bringing safe drinking water to the rural poor in Ghana.

In this story, Mary Kay tells of meeting the Paramount Chief of Sandema and sharing the gospel with the village there.

In November, I traveled to northern Ghana with Pastor Francis to check on the progress of several water projects. Sixteen boreholes have been dug in the area I was visiting. I assumed it would be a quick trip to check on the projects, but God had something much greater planned.

When I arrived in the village, I was told that the Paramount Chief of Sandema, Nab-Azagsuk Azantilow II, had requested to see me. Pastor Francis and I waited in front of the chief’s palace until the Paramount Chief and several of his sub-chiefs and elders arrived.

We opened the day with the customary greeting rituals, and then Pastor Francis prayed an opening prayer. The church choir sang a few songs, and of course we danced. Several members of the community gave speeches about how the water had improved their lives, and how thankful they were that God had provided for them. Pastor Francis read from the Bible.

Then it was the chief’s turn to speak. He spoke about the day being one on which the people gathered to remember their war heroes (it was Veterans Day), and that now they would remember me as well, as one who gave them water.

I hadn’t known about the event previously, so I wasn’t prepared to talk, but I was called on to speak in front of all of these important leaders. In these situations, I always pray for the Holy Spirit to give me the right words. And this time, as always, the Spirit did.

I spoke to the assembly about how good it is to remember the deeds of the past, and that surely this gift of water would become one of them. However, I told them, it wasn’t me who gave them water, or even a church in the US who did—it was Jesus who had heard their prayers for water and who had given it to them. So, when they tell of this gift, they must tell the story properly. Everyone must hear that Jesus is the one who loves Sandema more than anyone. Jesus is the one who has not forgotten His people. And Jesus is the one who gave me friends in the US willing to raise money for water in Ghana, and brought me to Sandema to drill.

I knew that the Paramount Chief was not a Christian, but I prayed for boldness through the Holy Spirit. Like Paul, I wanted to tell only about Jesus and what He has done for Sandema. Sandema’s traditional rulers heard the gospel that day. They heard that Jesus loves them and wants to make their lives better. Seeds were planted that one day may blossom forth in a powerful way.