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Miracles happening in TMS Global workers’ small business


In many parts of the world, having a steady income and being able to work in a safe environment is uncommon, particularly for women. TMS Global workers in South Asia saw the need to provide at-risk women with meaningful employment in a safe setting. These cross-cultural workers started a small business and hired women who were caught in the devastating cycle of extreme poverty.

The business, whose name means “more” or “abundance” in the local language, employs 18 women. Many of their families have been impacted by death, sickness or handicap, extreme poverty, alcoholism, and prejudice.

Prisha* was one of the 70 women who applied for a job when the business began.

“When we were praying over who to accept for training, we spread out all of the applications on the ground and looked at several different factors,” said Kate.* “Prisha did not fit our criteria, as our target group was at-risk women. She had more education than the other applicants, and a steady, if meager, income. Because many people from upper castes can be prideful of their heritage, they sometimes look down on those of lower castes. Naturally, we wondered about the dynamics in the office if we hired her. Also, statistically, Brahmins are the least receptive to the gospel out of all of the caste groupings.

“However, as our team prayed over each application, we felt that we should not turn Prisha down. So, she started training.”

The women trained in the skills of embroidery, industrial stitching, and the art of spinning yarn from fiber. Prisha struggled in each area. “As we prayed, we found God compelling us to offer her a job for reasons we could not really understand.”

As the business began, TMS Global workers scheduled an optional time of Bible study and prayer into each work day. Women from Hindu, Muslim, and Christian backgrounds would meet together and hear the stories of Jesus. They would share situations with which they were struggling, and the TMS Global workers would pray with them and for them.

Over the past few years, the women have learned more and more about Jesus and His love. Many are asking questions and exploring faith in Him.

Prisha began asking questions about Jesus over time. She would pray to Jesus, but also pray to her idols. After many months of this, Prisha made a choice.

“She came into our office to tell us that she was ready to leave all of her rituals and traditions behind. She said that all she wanted was Jesus and His peace. She talked about the many ways that Jesus has continually met her and how she only truly feels peace in His presence. She said that she was ready to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. We sat and prayed together, and Prisha gave her life to Jesus!”

Prisha and her youngest son started visiting different church fellowships. The two of them study the Bible together every day, pray with one another, and are pursuing the Lord with their whole hearts. She has seen God move in the hard situations in her family, giving her timely words of encouragement and glimpses of hope in their struggles.

After Prisha confessed faith in Christ, other employees began to share how Jesus was moving in their own lives.

Esther* is married to a man who struggles with mental illness and addiction. He is extremely abusive. Recently, Esther has received regular dreams and visions from Jesus. He shows her a picture of her whole family praying to Him and worshipping. As they worship Jesus, her husband is freed from all of his bondage, and her home is filled with peace. Esther is praying that Jesus would fulfil this vision soon!

Sahil* was studying the Bible with Kate’s husband, John.* Unknowingly, Sahil’s wife was in her first trimester of pregnancy and bleeding badly. The doctor had told the young couple that they could lose the baby. Sahil and John read the story from Mark 5 of Jesus healing the woman who was bleeding. Sahil went home and shared the story with his wife, whose bleeding immediately stopped! Sahil continues to ask questions about Jesus and explore faith in Him alone.

Zara* has also decided to pursue following Jesus more fully. Zara told Kate that she believes Jesus is true, but has not spent time with Him outside of the office time of prayer and Bible study. She shared stories of how Jesus has given her peace and directed her to the right path, and she wants to know more about faith in Him.

“Our team has been praying for two people to put their faith in Jesus alone this year, but God is doing much more than we asked,” said Kate. “He is stirring the hearts of several people, and showing them, in very tangible ways, how He can transform their lives.”

*Pseudonyms and stock photo used for security.