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Migration spurs faith in Jesus among Muslims


TMS Global workers who serve at an English center in the Middle East have the opportunity to interact with people from many cultures each day. Jeff* and his family serve in the Middle East teaching English and sharing the love of Jesus with people they serve.

“God is making Himself known through migration,” said Jeff. In the country where he serves, Jeff meets people from all over the Middle East and Africa, many of whom were forced to flee their homes because of war.

Outside of the English center, Jeff and other cross-cultural workers meet with students to study Scripture. “Most Muslims have been taught that the Bible is corrupt,” said Jeff. “We read the Koran and the Bible together, and they see that the Bible is not corrupt.”

Two brothers from Yemen wanted to study the Bible with Jeff. After studying for several months and asking many questions, the brothers came to the conclusion that the Bible was not corrupt. On Easter Sunday, they decided to follow Jesus as Lord.

A family from Sudan migrated to the Middle East to escape the fighting in their own country. Four of the family members came to faith in Jesus and were baptized. “We would not have had the opportunity to meet this family if it had not been for the circumstances that led to them moving here,” said Jeff. “We are so thankful that they were able to hear the Good News of Jesus.”

A Syrian man and his mother fled the war in their country and eventually settled in the nation where Jeff serves. The mother came to faith in Christ through the witness of followers of Jesus there.

Amira* is a student at the English center. Amira’s brother is dying of lung cancer, and she is struggling with questions about why God allows such suffering. She is Muslim, and the teachers are ministering to her as she goes through this difficult time.

“Often youth are not treated with respect by their families, but we treat them with respect,” said Jeff. “Doing so opens the doors for them to communicate with our team and helps to build trust. Some of the students have not decided to follow Jesus yet, but several are close to making that choice. We walk with them in life, study Scripture together, and answer their questions about Jesus.”

*Pseudonym used for security purposes.

Next steps:

  • Pray for students at the English center to come to faith in Jesus.
  • Pray for Jeff, his family, and other cross-cultural workers in the Middle East.
  • Pray for the people who are forced to leave their homes and migrate to new lands.