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Just enough rice


Grant is serving as a GreenLight Intern with The Mission Society in Nicaragua with Ronnie and Angi Hopkins. He serves primarily in the community of Mira Luz, developing a children’s and youth program, serving with the youth ministry leadership team, assessing community needs, teaching English classes, and helping with other ministry initiatives.

Here, Grant shares a touching story of seeing God at work in Nicaragua.

The people in the community of Mira Luz are impoverished and struggling just to have enough food to survive. The Hopkins and I hope to start a feeding program for the children in this community.

One of the Hopkins’ supporters came to Nicaragua to help out. He bought 200 pounds of rice and beans to give to the people of Mira Luz.

Havier (a resident of Mira Luz) and I were filling plastic bags with rice and beans. We didn’t have enough rice to fill the last bag. While I was trying to figure out how to redistribute some of the rice, Havier got his own bag of rice and filled up the bag. It was just enough rice.

I was so humbled. Havier has what most North Americans would consider nothing. He is very poor, yet he gave the rice for his own family to help others in need.

My bike ride home was not without tears.