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How a cup of coffee and an hour with a friend can make a difference in the world

While my job is to oversee the mobilization efforts of The Mission Society, I am not the only one who does the work of mobilization. In fact, most of the candidates who come through my department are not people I actively recruited. It’s true. The work of mobilization requires a team effort.

You've 'bean' invited
I invite you to join the mobilization work of The Mission Society. You don’t have to be an extrovert, and you don’t need to travel across the country. You don’t even have to stand at a display booth and pass out candy. God can work through you right where you are within your existing networks. After all, it is through existing relationships that most of our missionary candidates come to us.

'Espresso' your love by listening
Let's say that you’ve accepted this invitation. Now let’s get you equipped. First things first. Remember your aim. God desires that people all over the world would come to know Him, love Him, and worship Him. Thus, your work is ultimately for Him. Every mobilizer must know that God Himself is the Lord of the harvest, and He is the one who raises up laborers. Keeping this in mind, you can play a very valuable role. Assess your relationships: family, friends, fellow churchgoers, coworkers, etc. Think of people who are constantly and consistently growing in their faith; aware and interested in people, cultures, and the world around them; and teachable (life-long learners). These are the kinds of people we would like to see partner with The Mission Society.

When you identify a person with these qualities, engage that person in conversation and listen to her (or his) story. Although she may not explicitly talk about a call to missions, do you see within her the gifts and graces to be a missionary? If so, let her know about the ways she may possibly be a good fit for the ministry of The Mission Society. Remember, your goal isn’t to be a “recruiter” for The Mission Society. Mobilizers don’t consider themselves recruiters. “Recruiter” calls to mind someone who does what is best for the company even if it might not be in the best interest of the individual. “Missions coach” or “mobilizer” conveys a different message. Our work is to help God’s people discern their calling, and we will do everything in our power to help them find the right opportunity, even if it’s not with our organization.

'Latte' us help you
Since this is teamwork, let us know how our mobilization team can support you in your efforts. We can send you a gift card to take that person out for coffee. We can supply a list of questions to help as you engage your friend in conversation. We can even come to you, if you can gather a group of people who are interested. In other words, you are not alone in this.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to partner with the mobilization department. Together, we can help in God’s work of mobilizing His workers for His harvest.

Richard Coleman is The Mission Society’s senior director of mobilization and candidacy. You can contact the mobilization team at or 1.800.478.8963.