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International partners seek to expand discipleship initiatives


Danny and Sayo have a passion to make disciples through home churches. The couple first began planting churches specifically to reach people working in call centers and the IT industry in South Asia. After several years, they transitioned to a home church model called Radiance.

During their years of experience coordinating home churches and training leaders, Danny and Sayo have witnessed Jesus work in the heart and lives of many people.

Rubina opened her home in Bangalore to host one of the first home churches of Radiance. Several of Rubina’s sisters came to faith in Jesus through the discipleship ministry. Now married with two children and living in another city, Rubina sensed God leading her to start an online Bible study to connect with other women during the pandemic.

A friend asked Rubina to meet online for prayer, and Rubina asked several other women to join them. Since then, they have met weekly to offer community, support, and prayer for one another.

“I teach full-time from home and have my children home all day,” said Rubina. “It has been a difficult time, but spending time in prayer and in this small group has been an anchor for me.” Most of the women in the group are new to faith, and Rubina is discipling them in their relationship with Jesus.

Aural and Miracle were in a home church with Danny and Sayo for more than two years. The couples met weekly and shared life together as they studied Scripture. “The Lord did a breakthrough in Aural’s and Miracle’s lives,” said Danny. “As they faced their brokenness, God did a healing work.”

Soon after, Aural was asked to serve in Goa with Trans World Radio. One of Trans World Radio’s ministries are Radio Homes. Radio Homes are small groups of people who meet in homes to listen to Christian messages in their own language. Thousands of groups representing more than 60 languages meet across the country to hear and discuss the scriptures. Aural now serves as the National Master Trainer of Radio Homes.

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused their area to go into a lockdown, Aural and Miracle worried about the many homeless people in their community. The couple and some friends began delivering food to people who were hardest hit by the economic impact of the lockdown. More than 200 people are receiving food each week from this ministry.

These and other inspiring stories prompted the Radiance home church to start Citylight in 2016. Citylight is designed to equip churches, Bible college students, and Christian organizations to start home churches. Danny and Sayo connected with TMS Global during training events that have been held in South Asia over the years. The couple eventually decided to join TMS Global as international partners with the hope that they would be able to start movements of home churches in other parts of the world.

“People are experiencing community and studying the Word of God together without the need for a building or a big budget,” said Danny. As the Holy Spirit works through these relationships, people are coming to know Jesus as Lord and are beginning to disciple others.