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Indian woman encounters Christ


President Dick McClain was ministering in India recently when he met a woman who shared her testimony with him. Avani* had never heard of Jesus until she was 46 years old. One day she was sharing about some challenges she was experiencing, and happened to be talking to a Christian pastor. He introduced her to Jesus’ teachings, but she thought he was telling her about a foreign god.

Soon after, she met another Christian, an Indian pastor, who told her more about Jesus. She still thought Jesus was a foreign god and avoided the Indian pastor afterwards.

Later, Avani had a dream in which she saw a big mountain with a wide entrance into the mountain. Inside was a small pond filled with snakes and fish. In the dream, her husband died. She cried when he died; but then he came back to life again. So Avani went to the pastor and shared her dream. He told her that her husband might be in “dead situations” in his life, but that God would raise him up again.

That night, at 1:00 a.m., she heard a voice telling her to leave her idol worship. From that time onward, she no longer worshiped idols.

The next night at 10:00 p.m., she saw a man dressed in white robes, stained with blood. She recognized him as Jesus. From that day onward she believed, “He is the one true God,” and began to follow Him.

A few months later, Avani’s daughter became pregnant. The pregnancy was not going well, and for seven months her daughter was very ill. Everyone told her that she could not deliver the baby. She went to an OB/GYN who told her that her own life could be saved, but not the life of the baby. “The baby is dead,” the doctor said. He told her she needed to have a c-section the next day to remove the baby. It would cost her 15,000 rupees (about $360). She responded, “I do not even have 1 rupee; where can I get 15,000 rupees?” and she began to cry.

So Avani prayed, “Lord, we are almost perishing. Please heal my daughter. And even if the baby is dead, give him life so he can live again.”

The c-section was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. the next day. At 8:00 a.m. the next morning, she delivered her son naturally. He was very small and the doctor said he would not live because he was too weak. She replied, “No, if the Lord has given him to me alive, he will also give him strength.”

The boy, now a healthy toddler, was sitting on his grandfather’s lap as Avani told this story.

Avani’s husband had a dream in which he died three times. Each time there was a funeral for him. Prior to that, he had had a severe problem with alcohol. From that day on, he never took another drink. On Christmas day in 2009, he accepted Christ as Lord.

“So,” Avani concluded, “The Lord did a miraculous thing.”

*Pseudonym and stock imagery used here for security purposes.