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In the rain forests of Peru, the gospel is spreading


Arthur and Mary Alice Ivey have served with TMS Global in Peru for 17 years. During that time, God has worked through the Iveys to impact thousands of Peruvians. The Iveys created a program that trains Peruvians to disciple others, which has resulted in more than 8,500 people being discipled in following Jesus. These discipleship groups have multiplied all over Peru, and now Peruvian missionaries are ministering in the jungle regions of the country.

Many of the leaders who work with the Iveys are bi-vocational. Arthur developed a farm to enable leaders to earn enough income so they can continue to serve in ministry. The farm is near a community of Asháninka people and grows cocoa and coffee.

The Asháninka are a people group residing in the rain forest region of Peru. Most of the Asháninka are subsistence farmers who have small farms and fish and hunt to survive. The Asháninka were decimated when nearly 80% of their population was killed by rubber tappers who enslaved the people. Maoist guerrillas, drug traffickers, oil companies, and other groups have continued to encroach upon Asháninka land.

Arthur and some of his discipleship leaders approached the Asháninka regarding the possibility of holding a medical clinic in their village. Arthur’s team was welcomed in, and a short-term medical team from the US was able to minister to the residents. Some of the Asháninka accepted Jesus as Lord, and the gospel is spreading in their communities. Arthur and his team have continued to minister to the Asháninka in the months following the medical clinic.

Drug traffickers and terrorists are plentiful throughout the jungle, and the Asháninka have been impacted by violence in the area. A mass grave of 800 Asháninka was found, believed to be the result of terrorists.

“The Asháninka have told us that no terrorists have come through their community since our team has been there,” said Arthur. “We pray that the gospel continues to spread, and many more of the Asháninka would come to know Jesus as Lord.”