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‘I don’t want to waste my life’


Leah* serves in South Asia with a TMS Global team who owns and operates a small business. Situated in one of the most impoverished regions of the country, this business employs women from Christian, Hindu, and Muslim backgrounds.

The staff prays together every morning, and a weekly Bible study is available to anyone who wishes to attend. As the staff studies Scripture and learns about Jesus, the Holy Spirit has moved in hearts to draw these women to Himself and know that He is the One True God.

Bimala* is from a Muslim family. She has put her faith in Jesus and said, “I want to tell you thank you. Without this job, I never would have come to know Jesus.”

Mada* is from a Hindu family. She has begun to follow Jesus and is eagerly studying Scripture with Leah. She said, “I was bought with a price. I was bought with the outstretched arms of Christ. His blood was used to purchase my life. So, I don’t want to waste my life. It is precious. I want to use it to shine His light everywhere I go.”

Saki* was reared in a Hindu family. She has struggled with health issues recently. She was on the way to a doctor’s appointment when terrible pain crippled her. Saki began to call out to Jesus. She told Leah, “Immediately the pain lessened, and I could breathe again. What you say is true. Jesus never leaves us.”

While the business has provided a living wage in a safe environment for the women it employs, more importantly, it has given the staff an extended family they can depend on. Over time, the employees have bonded into a close community who are there to support one another.

“God’s heart is for the people of our community to know Him, to know that their lives are precious because they were bought with the blood of Christ, and to live in the assurance of His unceasing peace and unending grace,” said Leah. “God invited us to come here to bear witness to His goodness, grace, and love.”

*Names changed for security