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Tim and Jennifer Goshorn serve in Huancayo, Peru with TMS Global. They minister in the local women’s prison, lead discipleship groups, serve in an orphanage, and coordinate a feeding program and Bible study for children.

Here, Tim tells of a Peruvian couple who needed food, but received much more.

Jennifer and I were holding our weekly children’s ministry in a small community when we were approached by an older couple. “Can we eat, too?” asked Julio.

We welcomed Julio and Elena in and gave them some food. Jennifer and I had seen this couple around town a few times. As we ate together, we asked about their story.

Julio suffers from severe epilepsy and Elena has pain in her legs, making it difficult for her to walk. Due to their disabilities, they have been shunned by their community and cannot find work. Their son moved away and will no longer speak to them because he is ashamed.

Julio and Elena raise sheep to sell in order to have enough money to buy rice and potatoes. Julio served with the Peruvian Army when he was 17 years old. All teenagers were required to serve one year when Peru was fighting The Shining Path terrorist group. Julio was assigned to one of the areas where fighting was fiercest. Now they live alone in a small house in Huancayo.

I asked Julio and Elena if they believed in Jesus. They said that they do, but people in the church want nothing to do with them. We discovered that they cannot read, so I gave them an audio, solar-powered Bible. Elena cried when I handed it to her. She was so excited about being able to hear the Word of God for the first time.

Julio and Elena now help with our children’s ministry. They hand out coloring sheets, pick up toys after the event, and play with the kids.

This couple came to us because they were hungry and desperate for food, but we learned that they were hungry and desperate for the Word of God, too. Please pray that Julio and Elena would grow in their faith as they listen to the Bible and help with our children’s ministry.

You can help support missionaries, like Tim and Jennifer, who provide food, love, and the gospel to Peruvians. Your donation will help TMS Global recruit, train, and serve people to share the love of Jesus around the globe.