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How healing sometimes comes


How are forgiveness and healing connected?

We often hear stories from our missionaries about the ways forgiveness and healing seem to be linked. As cross-cultural witnesses minister around the world, they often encounter people who are in need of physical healing. Through counseling and prayer, the missionaries sometimes learn about an abuse that has occurred, causing the person to harbor resentment and anger.

Often, when the person gives their anger and resentment over to God, choosing to forgive, physical healing follows. That was Maria’s* experience.

Arthur and Mary Alice Ivey, TMS Global missionaries in Peru, met Maria at a training conference.

Maria had the odds stacked against her from birth.

The result of rape, Maria was born to a young mother who abandoned her when she was a child. Maria lived on the streets of Peru for some time before being adopted.

Unfortunately, her life did not improve significantly when she was adopted. Maria’s adoptive parents treated her very badly.

The pain of her past weighed heavily on Maria, and she grew to hate both her adoptive and biological parents. She harbored unforgiveness that began to take its toll.

While still a young girl, Maria began to suffer physical problems. For one month, Maria’s whole body was paralyzed. Other times, her body shook constantly. Doctors thought Maria may have had a heart attack, and they were not sure how to help her.

When she was 19, Maria hit rock bottom. She was depressed, lonely, and in pain. She knew something had to change if she was going to survive. Maria called out to Jesus for help, and He rescued her. Maria prayed to Jesus and a warmth came over her, filling her with peace. She did not suffer from any of the medical problems she had been experiencing after that day.

The next year, Maria decided to pursue serving as a missionary. She enrolled in a mission training school in Lima and continued to pursue wholeness. Maria met with her biological and adoptive parents and asked them for forgiveness. Her mother came to faith in Christ. Maria was able to release the anger and pain she had been carrying and receive healing through Jesus.

“As we have served in Peru, we have seen how important forgiveness is,” said Mary Alice. “We hope Maria’ story will encourage other people to seek forgiveness and healing from the Lord.”

*Pseudonym and stock photo used for security purposes.

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