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Will and Margaret* are Mission Society missionaries preparing to serve in a least-reached area. While training and raising support in the US, they never stopped reaching out to people around them and sharing the love of Jesus. Here they share the story of the way God is working in the life of a Chinese student they befriended.

“We may not know where we are going, but we know where we are!” said Will. After months of prayer and discernment about where they would serve, Will and Margaret still didn’t have a clear answer. While waiting for God to reveal His plans for them, Will and Margaret jumped into ministry in their current location.

They began volunteering with an organization helping international students adjust to life in their new context. A group of young women from China began regularly attending the events that Will and Margaret organized. Ning* was one of the young women.

Margaret brought the women to a Saturday morning brunch at a local church. Afterwards, Will and Margaret took Ning on a bike ride. They showed her how the bike worked, stopped along the trail for dessert, and talked about life and faith.

The next day, Ning emailed Will and Margaret to thank them for their hospitality.

Thank you for all the things—the bike, the church activity, the pie, and the love you have showed to me. It is so fortunate for me to meet you. I think it is God's blessing. God knows I am homesick, so he sends you to accompany me – to be my American mom and dad. And I am truly touched when Margaret said it is God who gives us so much love, and we have to share with others.

Since I came to America, I have met lots of nice people. I began to learn about God, and, last week, I prayed to God for the first time. After that I became much happier and fulfilled.

I have learned a lot from you—the kindness, the generosity, the optimism, the love you showed to others, and the love between you.

I hope you don't mind I claim myself as your Chinese daughter, for I feel that I have known you for many years although we just met.

“God is good,” said Will. We don’t know where we are going, but God is using us where we are now to reveal Himself to the people around us.

*Pseudonyms and stock photo used for security purposes.