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Having the faith of Noah


What would happen if the people of God had Noah’s faith? Faith that enabled Noah to spend decades building an ark that was nowhere near an open body of water. Faith that waited in the boat for a week before the first drop of rain fell. Faith that saved humanity from complete annihilation.

Cross-cultural workers in South Asia have been exploring this very question with a diverse group of Muslims, Hindus, and Christians with whom they work. These cross-cultural workers started a small business to provide meaningful employment opportunities in a safe environment for people caught in the devastating cycle of extreme poverty.

In the area in which they serve, many households earn less than one dollar a day. In addition to the poverty, hunger, and illness that marks this region, it is also one of the more unreached areas in the country.

This small business was designed to provide for the physical needs of the employees through receiving a fair income, and a daily devotional time provides employees with the opportunity to learn about Jesus and His teachings. Employees also receive benefits nearly unheard of in that area, such as health care and child care.

Leah* and her team are studying the story of Noah with their businesses’ employees. She said, “We wanted to study some of the key stories of the Old Testament to help give our employees an introduction to the character of God. We also wanted each of our employees to develop a better understanding of God’s covenant love and the reason for Jesus’ coming into the world and dying on the cross.”

As they began to study Genesis 6-9, Leah began to worry how the employees would react to God’s destruction of humanity.

“Instead of doubting God,” said Leah, “they started talking about God’s grace and how He was giving humanity a second chance. They noticed how He cared for Noah like a father, giving him the perfect instructions for how much food to take into the ark and how big to make it. One woman exclaimed, ‘If God hadn’t saved Noah, then we would not be here!’

“The employees were so impressed with Noah’s bravery. They speculated about what other people may have thought of Noah building a giant ark on land. They were amazed by how Noah listened to God, even though others in his community probably thought he was crazy.

“The employees shared that they wanted God to give them Noah-like faith, enabling them to listen to what God was calling them to do, no matter what others thought about them.

“I was humbled to see how powerfully God used Noah to minister to our community. My fears were drowned in God’s perfect love. It is such a joy to watch people fall in love with God, and to see how His Word touches their hearts so deeply. Being a part of this community is teaching me to be bold in pointing people to God’s Word. I’m learning to let go of my fears and just let the Holy Spirit move.”

*Pseudonyms and stock photo used for security.

Next steps:

  • Please pray for cross-cultural workers in South Asia, and the people with whom they work.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to move in the hearts of these employees, and that many of them would be open to following Jesus.
  • Pray for God’s perfect love to cast out fear.

If you are interested in talking with a mobilization coach about cross-cultural ministry, contact our team. We can help you find your place.