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Destroying idols


Anna* serves in India with a ministry that reaches out to young women in need of guidance. The ministry teaches the young women a trade so they will be able to have a means for supporting themselves. Most of the women are orphans or from very poor families and have lived in shelters growing up.

Anna meets one-on-one with several young women and disciples them in their relationship with Christ. Amita* and Anna had met together for several months when Amita decided to put her faith in Jesus.

“I was so happy for her!” said Anna. “But, unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the story.”

After Amita accepted Christ, she brought her idols to Anna and asked her to destroy them. The next day, Amita began hearing voices in her head. She was admitted to a mental hospital.

“We knew Amita was dealing with spiritual warfare,” said Anna.

Weeks later, Amita returned and met with Anna again. “Her eyes couldn’t focus on me. She was still on a lot of medication and just wasn’t the same person. Every time we prayed, she would tell me a man would yell really loudly in her ear as we prayed. It was really scary,” said Anna.

Amita decided to return to her home village. “I was devastated,” said Anna. “Away from our ministry, Amita did not have a support system or any Christians around to encourage her in her relationship with Jesus. Also, she was in danger of being sold in marriage by her family. I prayed and decided to put the situation in God’s hands. I totally trusted God with her.”

A week later, Amita returned to school. “This has been a turning point for her! God is so good! Amita is smiling and laughing again. The voices are gone, and she is happy and praying to Jesus!” said Anna.

“Please keep praying for Amita,” said Anna. “She has a long way to go and has been through a lot. Her story is one of the many reasons I am here doing what I’m doing—helping young women to know Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.”

*Pseudonyms and stock photo are used for security purposes.