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Daughter’s faith transforms family in Thailand


“When we moved to Thailand seven years ago, God gave us a vision for our ministry,” said Dora Barbee, a TMS Global cross-cultural worker. “He told us that He would transform this community through the children coming to know Him as Lord and then leading their parents to Him. That vision is finally coming true!”

Mai came to know Jesus through the witness of her teachers—Thai Christians who run the foundation with which Dora serves. They showed Mai the transformative love of God, and she accepted Jesus as Lord. Mai grew in her faith and served as a witness for Jesus to other students in her school in Roi Et, Thailand.

Mai’s mother, Noi, is a Buddhist, yet she allowed Mai to choose her own religion. Noi saw the change in her daughter because of her faith and was pleased with Mai’s decisions. Noi knew that following Jesus had changed her daughter’s life for the better, but she did not believe in God herself.

Noi allowed Dora and other Thai Christians to lead a Bible study in her home. The group shares a meal together, studies the Bible, and practices English. Although Noi’s younger daughter participates in the group, Noi has always left the room when the group studies the Bible.

Certain circumstances recently led Noi to struggle with crippling anxiety and depression. The same Thai Christian teachers who led Mai to faith offered to take Noi to a doctor in Bangkok. She agreed, and one of Dora’s teammates traveled with Noi to her appointment.

“After the doctor visit, Noi told the teachers that she had been thinking about how she has seen the love of God in Mai’s life, and that Mai is a great daughter because of God,” reported Dora. “She also said that she has seen the love of God in what our team has been doing in Roi Et, and, even though we are not her family, we have been trying to help her and her daughters. Noi then said that because of all this, she felt ready to follow Jesus!”

Dora’s teammate is now studying the Bible with Noi regularly. Noi also stays during the Bible study when the group meets in her home each week.

“Our team has been praying for Noi for many years” said Dora. “We are thrilled that she has trusted Jesus with her life.

“Please continue to pray for the Roi Et community—for the transformational love of Jesus to draw people to Himself.”