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Celebrating Easter among people who had never heard


Laura* and Sam* serve in Asia and reside in a country in which less than one percent of people follow Jesus. Laura is a trained nurse who uses her skills in a local hospital and teaches English to neighbors. Sam works as a teacher in a local school. The couple intentionally forms relationships in their community and shares the gospel with people who are open to learning more about Jesus in this strictly Buddhist nation.

Laura and Sam recently moved into a new apartment building, and they often make baked goods for the other residents. As Holy Week approached, Laura and Sam began to explore ways to share the story of Jesus with their neighbors.

On Easter, Laura and Sam made hot cross buns and took them to their neighbors. Through the symbolism of the cross buns, Sam and Laura shared the story of Jesus and His resurrection in the local language. “For almost all of them,” said Laura, “it was their first time ever hearing the story of Jesus.”

Although their church fellowship cannot meet because of COVID-19 restrictions, the couple recently learned of a local woman who had come to faith. Laura said, “Jesus visited this woman in a dream, and she is so excited that she is sharing her experience with her friends and family!

“In the midst of all the death and darkness many people are experiencing during this time, we wanted to remind you that there is good news! Even if you are limited in how you can share the gospel with people, God is not limited! Thank you, Father, that through this season of death, we can still see your resurrection.”

Next steps:

  • Pray for Sam and Laura as they share the love and message of Jesus with their neighbors.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to draw people to Himself in this country where there is little access to the gospel.
  • Serve in Asia! Learn more about serving as a cross-cultural worker. 

*Names changed for security