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An abandoned child and a soy cow

A vision of Mission Society missionaries’ decades ago helps a sick infant in India

A Mission Society missionary who is starting a ministry in a least reached area of India recounted the following story.

A young wife of one of the house church pastors in this area of India is barren and had been mourning her inability to have a child. The baby girl she is holding in this photo was found lying on the ground in front of a factory entrance. God has many ways of creating families – the barren woman and the abandoned child are no more. What you are really looking at is a grateful mother and a much loved daughter! 

During our visit, a doctor was able to evaluate and treat the child for some medical problems. We also determined that some of the symptoms she was having were probably caused by intolerance to the cow’s milk they were feeding her. As we bemoaned the fact that no goat’s milk was available in the city, the young father asked if soy milk would do. We laughed and rejoiced, having had no hope of such a thing in that part of the country. We told him that soy milk was the perfect food for his baby! Then asked where he could find soy milk.

There in that very city was another young pastor, in fact a teammate of this young couple, whose “other job” was running a Soy Cow (a machine that produces soy milk) to feed 150 children in a local orphanage. I mentioned this fortunate coincidence to Peter Pereira, a long time Mission Society partner from southern India, and he grinned from ear to ear. “Don’t you remember Dr. Terry’s Soy Cow project? (Terry and his wife are former Mission Society missionaries to Kazakhstan.) We took his plan and ran with it. This milk is here for this baby today because of his vision years ago!”

Once again, I am humbled by the intricacies of God’s plans!