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Across Alliance


An initiative aimed at connecting and equipping cross-cultural disciple-makers across the street and across the globe officially launched during meetings held in Dubai in August.

The Across Alliance is a relational network of kingdom-minded people, representing distinct organizations, coming together to collaborate for cross-cultural mission among the least reached.

TMS Global is a member of the Alliance.

Jim Ramsay, chief of global operations for TMS Global, attended the launch. “TMS Global has always partnered with various international leaders and has invited them to participate in and lead parts of TMS Global training as well as participating in training they offer,” he says.

Ramsay says the idea for the Across Alliance was birthed during a training event four years ago in Panama. Three global partners from Brazil, Ghana, and India began discussing ways the continents they represented could have a stronger voice in mission. TMS Global had also been wrestling with how to best reflect its commitment to global mission being “from everywhere to everywhere” in a way that is truly shared by participants and not dominated by Western countries.

“The one key aspect of the Across Alliance that I think is truly unique is that it leads with relationship,” Ramsay says. “It has been built on the foundation of existing relationships and shared values.”

Senior Director for International Mobilization Steve Wilson says the group hopes to see Across Alliance partners sending and receiving workers globally. He also wants to collaborate on equipping churches for cross-cultural disciple-making with neighbors across the street.

“The beauty of the Alliance is that partners from Kenya, Brazil, and India can help the Church in New Zealand or the USA know how to speak of Jesus with their neighbors who come from these countries,” Wilson says.

He says, "Partners have already begun to collaborate. A Brazilian family has just moved to India, being received by partners in India. A Kenyan chef is possibly moving to New Zealand and would be received by partners there. And a Nicaraguan young man just returned from a vision trip, hoping to move to Thailand."

Across Alliance partners in India and Brazil are collaborating for disciple-making in Indonesia in October. And an Indian medical team is hoping to serve on a short-term trip with a partner in North Africa.

“As we connect with one another across the globe,” Wilson says, “We hope to see more collaboration happening from everywhere to everywhere.”