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Planning the GIC

Before you begin
Welcome to your journey to the Global Impact Celebration! We are excited for what is ahead for your church. We have seen God use the Global Impact Celebration in amazing ways. We know it is a big task, but TMS Global is here to walk along with you the entire way. This guide has been divided into four sections.

  1. GIC Leader Section
    As the GIC leader, you will be led through all the essential tasks of the GIC. This section has been broken into three parts: planning, hosting, and post GIC. These three parts will help you serve as the coordinator and leader of the GIC from beginning to end. 

  2. Leader’s Guide Section
    The leader’s guide provides direction and resources to each of the leaders for individual events. There are links for your volunteer leaders who are working alongside you so they can access the materials directly. All you have to do is share the link with them so they can access everything they need.

  3. Resources
    Our individual resources section makes it quick and easy to access all of the resources referenced in this guide. These include PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents that can be edited for your personal use.

  4. Idea Board
    The idea board contains ideas, inspiration, and testimonials from other churches.

Most importantly, your TMS Global coach will walk alongside you throughout the planning process of the GIC. You and your coach will meet monthly to discuss the preparations that you are making. We are also available to you between coaching sessions. Please don’t wait until our next coaching session call to ask questions! If you need help, reach out to your coach and we will be happy to help you. We are also available to speak with the different volunteer leaders to help answer any questions they may have and to help take some of the pressure off you as you serve as the GIC leader.

Principles of a Global Impact Celebration

Getting Started

Inviting the Mission Partners

Creating your Team

Planning the Event

Guiding Prayer for the GIC

Advertising the GIC

Communicating with the Mission Partners

Preparing for the Ask

It’s Almost Time!

Youth Engagement