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Welcome to the Church Culture blog!


Welcome to the launch of TMS Global’s new Church Culture blog!

I currently serve with TMS Global as senior director of church culture. In that role, I lead a team of trainers and coaches who help local churches to develop and implement plans to activate their congregations for mission and evangelism. I look forward to us growing together, as I share my experience and expertise about church mission and leadership with you.

You may read more about what we do and how we can serve your ministry on the Churches page of our website.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Wait! I have another blog to read? I can’t even keep up with my reading now! Why do you expect I will want to add another item to my reading list?”

I understand. Daily I am ambushed by information overload.

So here are four key words that I hope will characterize the benefits for you in visiting this blog.

  1. Brief. Reading this requires no more than five minutes of your time. That’s all it should take to catch up on what’s happening in the world of church mobilization and mission.

  2. Focused. This is about mobilizing the church for mission and evangelism and making disciples with and among the nations close to home and far away.

  3. Resourceful. Occasionally we will offer stories of how God is working through people and churches to accomplish the task of God’s glory being revealed among all the nations.

  4. Practical. If you’re a missional leader, you will regularly find useful material to strengthen the way you lead and live out Jesus’ Great Commission.

Thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy life to connect with me and others here. I want to hear from you soon. Share with me your ideas and topics of interest about mission and leadership at

Duane Brown serves as the senior director of church culture for TMS Global.